August 27th, 2010
by Royal W. Draper

My name is Royal Draper and I have been working here at the family apiary (bee farm) for almost my entire life. My grandfather got his first bee hive in 1974 and from him I learned to love the little insects! I am trying to pass my love for these little flying miracles on to my son…the 4th generation Draper to have bees and to anyone that happens to find this blog. Bee careful if you hang out here too long…you may catch Bee-Fever!

A personal note: I get asked almost every day if I was named after the Royal Jelly that the bees produce and the answer is no…I was 6 years old when my grandfather got his first hive and I’m sure that my parents had no idea that we would be in the beekeeping business. I got my name from my mother’s favorite book: The Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder and I still have my mother’s copy that was printed in the 1950’s.

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