Pulling Honey

November 3rd, 2010
by Royal W. Draper

We are still pulling honey from the hives. We have been really busy this year and it seems like it is taking a long time to get done. We had a nice day yesterday so we went out in the afternoon and got one site done. Below is a picture of the site before we did anything. Believe it or not that seven story hive was full of honey all the way to the top! 

Pictured below are the after shots. This is one of our best wintering sites as it is in the basement of an old home. You can see what remains of the stone foundation behind the hives. Being here really protects them from the wind and helps keep them warmer as the stones hold a lot of heat. Many of these hives were rather large colonies so we left more honey for them, however the third boxes are not totally full, we usually take out 5 frames to extract and just leave the other 5 in place.

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