Grandmother Draper

December 19th, 2012
by Royal W. Draper

I posted this on our Facebook page but thought I should post it here also.

My grandmother Draper passed away today (12/14/12) . She was an integral part of the business when it started almost 40 years ago. One of my earliest memories of her and the business was how she always made coffee for my father and grandfather and I was in charge of transporting that coffee from the house to the business. I would go in the house every morning to the smell of fresh brewing coffee and bacon, my grandfather’s favorite food and she always greeted me with a big smile, a hug and a hearty good morning! She did much more than just make coffee…she was the rock that we all were anchored too! I have to honor her and say that she was truly the most loving, least selfish and most caring person that I have ever known. I have so many good memories of her, that it would take pages and pages to list them all.  Because those memories are stored with indelible ink upon my heart and mind, and I’m certain on the hearts and minds of many others, she has accomplished something that far too many people will never accomplish…she will be remembered.  I am sad…but I am also happy that she is finally able to be with my grandfather, my mother and of course those that she loved that have gone before her. Your pain is gone, you have been lifted up and I rejoice that you are free…I love you grandma!

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