February 2nd, 2012
by Royal W. Draper

I am back from vacation and have been very busy this week trying to get caught up.

I wanted to post that we will be without power here for a few hours sometime today…the electric company is making some repairs somewhere.

The weather has been pleasantly warm here the last couple of days and the bees have been flying around. I looked at our hives right here next to the business and it appears that they are all still alive. The scary thing is that we saw some fresh brood in one of our observation hives, this doesn’t necessarily mean that any of the other hives have started brooding up but if they have, their need for food is going to increase and that can lead to problems later on. This is a good time to go and check the weight in your hives by simply tipping them from side to side to feel how much honey weight is remaining. If the hive feels light then now is the time to get a sugar block installed. If anyone has any questions about using the sugar blocks feel free to email or call us.

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