November 10th, 2011
by Royal W. Draper

We finally were able to get out and pull the honey off the hives. It only took us four days to get it all done and we worked in all kinds of temperatures in those four days. The first day we pulled was cold and most of the bees were down which made it easy to pull the honey supers
off the top. The second day was cool and windy and the bees were really grumpy. The third and fourth days it was almost too warm to be comfortable in our bee suits…but we got through it. This year there were four of us working; Bill, Allen, Collin (my son) and myself and once the four of us got into the “grove” things went very smoothly. We did see 3 bears in a corn field only a stone’s throw from the last site we pulled honey from…hope they stay away from the hives!

Al has started extracting our stuff today, so in a couple of weeks we will have some numbers. Some of the hives did very well but because we started nearly half of our hives with packages this spring we expect the per hive average to be down from last year…we will see.

We have been working on extracting a lot of local beekeepers honey also. Some have done exceptionally well and others not so good, just like every year.

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