November 2nd, 2011
by Royal W. Draper

I think it won’t be long and we will all be paying to send and receive emails. I got an email yesterday from the people that host our website saying that they will no longer be supporting email directly from our website, because the cost of upgrading their system was too great, but I have to wonder if the FCC isn’t trying to push all the little email servers out so they can collect money from the larger providers…guess we will see.¬†Come to find out to keep our email addresses we have to pay a yearly subscription…nice…NOT! So rather then wait for the service to expire I spent today setting up our new emails with Google. Good news we get to keep all of our emails, bad news is that it is a hugh pain in the butt! I had to make so many changes that it took our website offline for a few hours today but I think everything is up and working now. I still need to tweek some of the setting but so far so good. To make matters worse we lost phones and the internet for a couple of hours this afternoon for some reason too…when it rains is pours!

And here today was a beautiful day and we wanted to head out and pull some honey…didn’t happen. This has to be the latest we have had to pull honey. I am afraid now that a lot of the honey¬†will be crystallized when we try to extract it…hopefully I’m wrong. Maybe tomorrow we will get to pull at least a couple of sites.

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