September 15th, 2011
by Royal W. Draper

I haven’t had time to even think about posting anything here this week until just now – 4:11 pm 09/15/11. I am the only one here this week as everyone else is on vacation. I have been putting in at least 10 hours straight every day this week. I will say this; it is good to be busy as a bee as the days just fly by! I know it is honey harvesting time when I start getting more custom printed label orders than normal ~ I have printed over 10,000 labels so far this week!

The bees have been hard at work on the bamboo, goldenrod and asters. However this cold front we have going through our area is going to put a damper on the honey flow for a few days. Hopefully we will see some warmer days again to get that nectar flowing again.

I have a big tour bus stopping in on Saturday with 38 people expecting a lecture and tour so I ask that any of my normal Saturday customers to please stay home this Saturday…lol…I’m not sure I can handle the big tour and lots of customers at the same time all by myself. I normally don’t do tours on Saturdays however it was the only time they could come. I’m sure it will be fun but I may turn the phones off while they are here so if you want to get a hold of me on Saturday you had better call on Friday…lol.

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