August 31st, 2011
by Royal W. Draper

The smell of Goldenrod honey is in the air at our place. Every day on my way to and from work I can smell the sweet smell of Goldenrod in our home beesite as I pass by…it’s a sign that fall will soon be upon us and that we will turning on the extractors soon.

We were fortunate that we didn’t get hit my Irene and we feel for all of those that did. I’m certain many beekeepers along the east coast lost their hives to the hurricane, although I doubt we will see much about that in the news. We feel bad for the beekeepers but even worse for the poor bees!

I will be out of the office tomorrow and Friday as I will be helping my daughter move in to her dorm at college. I’m having a hard time believing how very fast the years “buzzed” by (ha, ha beekeeping reference), the next thing you know I’m just going to be an old drone bee :)

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