Basswood Honey

July 29th, 2011
by Royal W. Draper

We extracted the first honey of 2011 today and it was nearly pure Basswood…unfortunately we are only going to end up with a couple of tons all together. That may seem like a lot of honey but there is a big demand for the Basswood and we have none in stock so I’m sure it will go quickly. We plan on putting all of it into containers and not offering 5 gallon bulk pails – sorry to anyone that wanted some in bulk! We are going to pack some in gallons which is only slightly more expensive than the 5 gallon pails per pound. I have to bottle a few jars in the morning for an order that has to go out…when I do I will take a couple of pictures and post them. Also tomorrow I will be putting the Basswood back up on the website…so get ready to place your orders!

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