Dead Package Bees

June 4th, 2011
by Royal W. Draper

Unfortunately we are seeing a abnormally high death toll in package bees shipped via the Postal Service. For whatever reason Priority Mail shipping is taking longer then it should and the bees are not being handled properly by the Postal Service. Reports coming in from customers indicate the bees are covered in syrup which means the packages have been place on their sides or upside down. Some have been overheatedĀ  and some even arrived in plastic bags…common sense seems to be lacking at the Post Office. We feel very upset about all the bee deaths and wish there was more we could do about the situation but this late in the season we feel it is best if we just issue a refund to any customer that lost bees. I feel that I must point out that we are the only seller of bees that refunds the total amount including the shipping when there is a loss. We are very sorry if you are not able to get bees this year because they arrived dead but there is little we can do about the shippers negligence. I suggest trying to order earlier next year to avoid heat issues during shipping. Start checking the website for package bee information in November 2011. The earlier you order the sooner they will ship in most cases. Once again we are very, very sorry about the shipping situation this year!

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