Storing Honey Supers

December 30th, 2010
by Royal W. Draper

We have finally started sorting honey supers that we finished extracted last month. We sort them in to 1 of 3 groups; #1′s – that are almost perfect combs that we can use for brood production, #2′s - that may have some drone comb cells or that has a little bit of burr comb damage, and foundation supers which are just that all new foundation. Any combs that are badly burr combed or too old to be used are broken out and processed to retrieve any beeswax we can get to trade in on new foundation.

Once the supers are sorted we move them out back to store them for the winter. We stack them on oak pallets on top of a bottom board with an old queen excluder (pictured below), using the excluder prevents mice from getting into the supers during the winter. Having the supers up on bottoms also allows air flow which is needed to prevent wax moths from infesting the supers while in storage.

We stack the three different types, #1′s, #2′s and foundation, in separate areas. The picture below is of the #2 supers. Next season we will pull them off as needed and place them on the hives to be filled with honey. All of the #2′s are fully drawn combs so the bees will fill them quickly during a good honey flow. Once we get done sorting we will have hundreds of supers stacked up here.

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