Bee Tree

November 12th, 2010
by Royal W. Draper

Today we got a call to collect some bees that were in a maple tree that was being cut down. The logger already had the tree down and in 2 sections by the time we got there.

The loggers were great and put the sections in the back of our truck. Neither them or myself got stung during the move, none of us had suits on, but my son who was watching from about 10 feet away got stung right next to his left eye…ouch! When we got home we unloaded them with the forklift and set them right between the entrances for our observation hives. I would guess that the bees had just moved into the tree around mid-summer because there wasn’t a lot of comb and all the beeswax was light in color which indicates they hadn’t been there for that long. It is a small colony and their chances of getting through the winter aren’t that good…but we decided to help them by filling the rest of the cavtiy up with a broken sugar block (pictured below).

I put their original entrance facing out from the building and I built a lid out of plywood to cover the cavity. Now we just have to wait and see if they can survive the winter. If they don’t make it I will clean up the inside and we just may shake a swarm in there next spring. Good Luck Girls!

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