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Busy, Busy

August 24th, 2013

It been busy around here and I have little time to be online it seems but there is a break in the action this morning so I thought I would post something.

The bees are working hard on various flowers like the Goldenrod, Bamboo, Aster, Knapweed and Joe Pie Weed. We really need some rain in our area if the bees are going to be able to collect nectar off these flowers. It has been too dry for too long and we even have leaves falling off the trees because of it.

This is the time of year that we try to get some repairs done around the business; to buildings and equipment so we don’t have to deal with them when the weather gets colder and we get busier with extracting later on. I replaced our aging honey pump with a new Roper pump that is supposed to be a fantastic pump. We haven’t used it yet but will early next week so we will see. Yesterday I installed floor drain in the basement of our 100+ year old barn. There was a spot where water tended to collect and the old concrete floor was crumbling, so I dug it all up, put the drain in and poured new concrete. It should be good for years to come now. I felt like an archaeologist as I dug the floor up because I could clearly see where the old stanchions where located for milking the cows that where once in the barn. I was hoping to find an artifact like a rare coin worth millions of dollars…but no such luck. :)

Hope everyone’s bees are doing well this season!

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