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March 12th, 2012

I’m going to try something new for my blogging – I am going to start posting on our Facebook  page for awhile to see if I and all of you like it. I have more options available to me on Facebook than I do here and it saves me from having to type things twice. It seems that more and more people are on Facebook and since I am on there every day anyway it will be easy for me to post updates from wherever I am. Our page on Facebook is:

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March 10th, 2012

We have had some crazy weather this week; one day it’s 14 degrees the next 60 degrees, it’s raining, then it’s snowing, the sun is out, then it’s overcast…repeat, repeat. The Robins are back in the area and I wonder what they think of this weather? The bees we have around the business are getting out when it’s warmer and it won’t be long before the first pollen of the year becomes available to them on the maple tree in the yard. I will take a picture when I see the bees on it…maybe even try to get a video. It’s something to see because they are so excited about it.

We are still taking orders for package bees for both pick up and to be shipped. We will start having queens available here at our location starting April 23rd.

I went to talk to some school kids last week and ended up doing an interview with a local news paper and here is a link to the article:

I also went to Wellsboro, PA this week to talk to some seniors about the bees. I have a lot of bee related lectures planned already this year. Busy as a Bee I am! (says Yoda the beekeeper)

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March 1st, 2012

We bottled a tank of Buckwheat honey this morning and the rest of the day I have spent answering phones, sending emails and making…I’m sorry to say…price changes to some of our bee supply items. Price certainly aren’t going down on anything.

We have made a new type of observation hive that is able to be locked up and is more secure than our normal hives, although you would need to be carrying a screwdriver around with you to open our regular ones. But some customers have shown an interest in something that has locks on it, so we made one, you can take a look at it here:


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