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February 23rd, 2012

I have been working on pre-counting bee supplies for what we hope, will be a busy spring season. It is so much easier having frames and foundations pre-counted into bundles of 10 when you get a dozen people in the office with orders to fill. I also cleaned up in the warehouse waiting for our driver to return with some 9 5/8 budget hive bodies that we needed.

The bees were out and about for a little bit today but it was getting windy so they went back inside…don’t blame them…even with the warmer temperatures it was really damp and chilly with the wind blowing. They are saying maybe snow overnight…booooooooo!

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February 18th, 2012

Another busy week of taking package bee orders. Our first load of bees, that will be here for pickup on April 21st, will be sold out sometime this coming week. Once it is sold out we will still be taking orders for the May 5th pickup date.

All shipped package bee orders taken now will start being shipped in May sometime. I will send emails out to everyone that places an order with their proposed ship date within week or two after receiving your order. I want to remind everyone that ship dates are affected by things that we can not control…mostly the weather conditions but sometimes queen production and even the Post Office can affect when the bees ship. I will post any delays on this page and the package bee page if they occur.

We have been making up some syrup pails just in case we need them this spring. This is a good time of year to make up some syrup to be ready for your package bees. We mix ours with 2 parts sugar to 1 part water. If you don’t have time to make syrup you can always use a light corn syrup directly as feed.

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February 8th, 2012

We bottled some Buckwheat honey this morning and we have been busy bottling honey for quite a few days as we are trying to get some honey back in stock before bee season begins.

I think we will be sold out of package bees early this year as ship dates are now into early May and we stop taking orders once ship dates get towards the end of May. If you need your bees shipped you had better order soon!

We have been getting a lot of calls and emails from beekeepers stating that their hives are feeling light (very little honey left). A lot of beekeepers pulled too much honey off the hives in the summer thinking that the bees would store more in the fall time and for the most part it just didn’t happen. We have been recommending that they install a solid sugar block directly on top of the hive body frames. Feeding liquid syrup this time of year doesn’t really work because the bees won’t break cluster to go get the syrup if it’s cold out. The sugar block allows the bees to cluster directly on it just like they do on a frame of honey. Below is a picture of what I’m talking about.


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February 2nd, 2012

I am back from vacation and have been very busy this week trying to get caught up.

I wanted to post that we will be without power here for a few hours sometime today…the electric company is making some repairs somewhere.

The weather has been pleasantly warm here the last couple of days and the bees have been flying around. I looked at our hives right here next to the business and it appears that they are all still alive. The scary thing is that we saw some fresh brood in one of our observation hives, this doesn’t necessarily mean that any of the other hives have started brooding up but if they have, their need for food is going to increase and that can lead to problems later on. This is a good time to go and check the weight in your hives by simply tipping them from side to side to feel how much honey weight is remaining. If the hive feels light then now is the time to get a sugar block installed. If anyone has any questions about using the sugar blocks feel free to email or call us.

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