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These hive bodies, supers and frames are hand sorted to ensure that only tight knots are present and that they are away from the nailing joints.


Our Budget hive bodies, supers and frames are unsorted and may have larger knots and some milling defects, however this is the grade we use and it is completely serviceable.


Here is a brief description of what parts fit together: 

 9 5/8" hive body will need 10 - 9 1/8" frames and 10 sheets 8 1/2" foundation.
 6 5/8" super will need 10 - 6 1/4" frames and 10 sheets 5 5/8" foundation.
 5 11/16" super will need 10 - 5 3/8" frames and 10 sheets 4 3/4" foundation.

We stock nails but they are not included with woodenware because many people are using staple and nail guns for assembly.
Click Here to view the nails.

We also offer fully assembled and painted equipment click here for prices.

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Budget Woodenware


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BS-001 1 Budget 9 5/8" Hive Body  
For assembly instructions click here

BS-101 10 Budget 9 5/8" Hive Bodies 159.50
BS-002 10 Budget 9 1/8" Frames
For assembly instructions click here
BS-102 100 Budget 9 1/8" Frames 119.95
BS-003 1 Budget 6 5/8" Super 13.95
BS-103 10 Budget 6 5/8" Supers 129.50
BS-004 10 Budget 6 1/4" Frames 12.95
BS-104 100 Budget 6 1/4" Frames 119.95

Click Here for Beeswax Foundations


Commercial Woodenware

BS-007 1 Comm. 9 5/8" Hive Body
For assembly instructions click here
BS-107 10 Comm. 9 5/8" Hive Bodies 179.50
BS-008 10 Comm. 9 1/8" Frames
For assembly instructions click here
BS-108 100 Comm. 9 1/8" Frames 139.95
BS-009 1 Comm. 6 5/8" Super 15.95
BS-109 10 Comm. 6 5/8" Supers 149.50
BS-010 10 Comm. 6 1/4" Frames 14.95
BS-110 100 Comm. 6 1/4" Frames 139.95
BS-011 1 Comm. 5 11/16" Super
This size can be used for extracting or for comb honey production.
BS-111 10 Comm. 5 11/16" Supers 149.50
BS-012 10 Comm. 5 3/8" Frames 14.95
BS-112 100 Comm. 5 3/8" Frames 139.95


Solid Plastic Frames


BS-318 9 1/8" Plastic Frames (wax coated) each 3.25
BS-319 6 1/4" Plastic Frames (wax coated) each 2.95

Covers, Bottoms & Miscellaneous Hive Supplies

BS-034 Telescoping Cover
For assembly instructions click here

Just a note: I like to use screws to assemble these covers, they hold much better then nails do.

BS-343 Ultimate Hive Cover (Double walled plastic) 24.50
BS-033 Inner Cover   (comes fully assembled) 11.95

BS-035 Cedar Reversible Bottom Board
For assembly instructions click here

BS-140 Varroa Mite Screen   (comes fully assembled) 11.95

BS-344 Ultimate Hive Stand  gets your hive 12" off the ground 79.95

BS-060 Cedar Hive Stand
For assembly instructions click here

BS-031 Wood Bound Excluder  (comes fully assembled) 18.95
BS-032 Metal Bound Excluder 9.95
BS-062 Wooden Entrance Feeder (heavy duty)
(click here for other feeders)

BS-338 Hive Extender (Used for winter or spring feeding) Info. Sheet
For other feeders click here.

BS-339 5 lb. Sugar Block (Pre-formed to be used with the Hive Extender) 9.95

NUC-01 5 Frame Wooden Nuc Box with Cover and Bottom
For assembly instructions click here
BS-064 Wooden Entrance Reducer .79
BS-065 Aluminum Entrance Reducer .95
BS-056 Frame Grip Tool 12.95
BS-084 L-Shaped Rabbets (10 lots) 2.95
BS-086 T-Shaped Rabbets (10 lots) 3.95
BS-088 9 Frame Spacers .75
BS-171 9 Frame Spacing Tool 18.95
BS-090 Skunk Guard 12.95
BS-091 Double Screen 19.95
BS-067 Frame Saver (to repair broken top bars) .39
BS-066 Mouse Guard 7.50

Assembled and Painted Equipment
We staple all of the equipment together with galvanized staples then prime and paint, the paintable parts, with a high quality exterior white paint. All of this equipment is ready to be used when you receive it.

We have a little bit of an issue with shipping some of these assembled items because depending on what you order it may have to be charged a dimensional shipping rate. We could charge a flat fee but that wouldn't be fair to people that ordered smaller items. We will adjust the shipping rates accordingly once we package your order. Thank You!

BS-034a Telescoping Cover 35.95

BS-035a Cedar Reversible Bottom Board 22.95

BS-007c 1 Comm. 9 5/8" Hive Body
Complete with wooden frames and Duragilt foundation
BS-007a 1 Comm. 9 5/8" Hive Body
Empty shell assembled and painted - NO FRAMES
BS-008a 9 1/8" Frames
Assembled with Duragilt foundation
BS-009c 1 Comm. 6 5/8" Super
Complete with wooden frames and Duragilt foundation
BS-009a 1 Comm. 6 5/8" Super
Empty shell assembled and painted - NO FRAMES
BS-010a Comm. 6 1/4" Frames
Assembled with Duragilt foundation
BS-060a Cedar Hive Stand
Assembled and painted

NUC-01a 5 Frame Wooden Nuc Box
Assembled and painted with cover and bottom - NO FRAMES

We have supplies for round comb, section comb and cut comb honey production - click here.

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