Six reasons why you should consider treating with Apiguard®:
1. Very easy to apply
2. High efficiency against three types of hive pests
3. Natural product
4. No withdrawal time
5. No risk to users
6. Use against Apistan and Checkmite resistant mites & in IPM programs.


     Apiguard® is a natural product specifically designed for use in beehives. It is a sophisticated slow release gel matrix, ensuring correct dosage of the active ingredient thymol. Thymol is a naturally occurring substance derived from the plant thyme. It has a proven high efficacy against the varroa mite and is also active against both tracheal mite and chalkbrood.
     Apiguard® is a specially designed and patented slow release gel containing thymol. Apiguard® gel, presented in 50 gm ready-to-use aluminium trays, regulates the liberation of thymol within the honey bee colony and provides a much more efficient control of hive pests than was possible before.
    Apiguard® is also presented in 3 kg tubs for use by beekeepers with larger numbers of hives. Dosage tools are included with each tub to ensure correct and easy dosing. A 25 gm sachet presentation is also in development.
    Apiguard® has no harmful effect on the honey bee colony, neither on brood nor on adults.
    Apiguard® is extremely easy to use. It is simply a matter of placing the opened tray face upwards in the top of brood frames, preferably centered over the colony. After 10 days examine the tray and if depleted replace with a second tray. If there is product left in the tray after 10 days leave until day 14 and then replace. Leave a second tray in position for a further 2-4 weeks and treatment has been completed (duration of treatment therefore lasts 4-6 weeks).
    Apiguard® is extremely well tolerated by bees and has a low toxicity and hive residue profile.

Mode Of Action

      After administration of the product, homogeneous distribution within the bee colony is assured by vapor release and also by the bees’ social behavior (feeding exchange and cleaning activities).
     Sublimation:  During the first few days, vapor plus solvent is slowly given off. Unlike some other formulations, or with raw crystals, this does not disturb the bees. The concentration of the thymol vapor from the gel gradually increases to a set level.
     Contact: Worker bees climb into the Apiguard® tray and begin to remove the gel, as a hive cleaning behavior. The gel adheres to the bees’ body hairs and as the bees run through the hive, they distribute the product to the colony. The gel that the worker is carrying is eventually thrown out through the hive entrance, but the trail it leaves behind on its journey through the brood nest remains until it too is cleaned.
    Apiguard® trials have been completed in more than 600 honey bee colonies in 10 countries across Europe, the Middle East and North America .
    Apiguard® was shown to be an easy-to-use treatment (even easier than Apistan!) and, under normal conditions giving an average efficacy of 93%. Often the control levels are higher sometimes a little lower.
    At low temperatures (shown by trials in Germany) Apiguard® takes longer to evaporate and the lower activity of the bees means that gel is not distributed as efficiently. It is therefore essential to use Apiguard® when the colony is active and when temperatures are not too low (above 15°C/60°F). Apiguard will work at lower temperatures, although the treatment period may need to be extended; the level of efficacy is generally better at higher temperatures but studies on cool period treatments are ongoing.

How To Use

1. Open an Apiguard tray


Apiguard - use pic 1.tif
2. Put the tray on top of the brood frame Apiguard - use pic 2.tif
3. Replace with a second tray after two weeks Apiguard - use pic 3.tif
4. The treatment lasts about 4-6 weeks Apiguard - use pic 4.tif

For more detailed information about Apiguard click here.



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